Taking back work

When you’re in class, and your students hand in work, they can also take it back and keep working on it, at least as long as you’re still in the classroom with them. 

Students can take back their work in Stile as well - that way, they don't have to come and see their teacher every time they want to keep working on a lesson. 

The video below shows you how that works in practice:


The timeline on to each student's work lets teachers keep track of when work was:

  • submitted
  • taken back or
  • collected

Important note: When students hand in their work, they'll be able to see automated feedback but not the correct answer, unless they selected it!

What if I want to stop my students from working?

There are a few situations, however, where students can't take back their work:

  1. Assessments
  2. Work that has been collected by the teacher
  3. Work that is past the due date

This is symbolised by a padlock in the Markbook:


Assessments, such as the lesson and end-of-unit quizzes, can't be taken back. If a student wants to keep working, they have to ask the teacher for a resubmission.

Collected work

This is the 'Pens down!' option - it locks work for students. After it is collected, students can't continue working on a lesson or assessment. 

Work can be collected at any point - on a per-student or per-class basis. 

Collecting an individual student's work

You can collect work at the bottom of each student's individual piece of work. Simply click on it in the Markbook, scroll down and hit this button:

Collecting the whole class' work

If you'd like everyone in the class to stop working (and prevent them from taking back their work), you can collect their work in the Markbook via the whole-class controls:

Due dates

If you set a due date for your class, students can only take back work before it is due. After the due date, they can still keep working but their work will be marked red in the Markbook.

After the due date, the work can't be taken back and will be marked locked. If they try to take it back, they see this:


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