Take back your work as a student

As a student, you can unsubmit a Lesson to continue working or try again on questions you may have got wrong.

When you complete a Lesson, click I'm finished, show my teacher at the bottom of the page to submit your work and lock in your answers. You can reverse this if you notice you've made a mistake or if you want to work on the activity a bit more.



At the bottom of the Lesson, click Oops! I want to continue working. This will allow you to take back your work and make changes, and then submit it again at a later time.



Much like handing in a physical paper activity and then taking it back to your desk, this allows you to change answers. A history of the changes is visible to your teacher at the top of the Lesson. They can click through to see each submitted version of your work.


There are 3 situations in which you cannot take back your work:

  1. The Lesson is an assessment. Instead of the I'm finished button at the bottom of the Lesson, you will instead see an orange Hand in for marking button.
  2. The Lesson is past its due date. You can continue working past a due date until you submit the Lesson, and then it will lock so you cannot take it back again. Your teacher will also know it was handed in late because a red icon appears in their Markbook. Learn more about due dates here.
  3. Your teacher collects the work. This is equivalent to saying "pencils down!" in the classroom. You will not be able to make any changes to the work from the moment it is collected.


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