Collecting work

Sometimes, students forget to hand in their work (or keep taking it back) – luckily, you don't have to chase them up because you can just collect their work!

Collecting individual students' work

If a student hasn't submitted their work yet, it'll appear as an eye symbol on the Markbook: 

Simone hasn't handed in her work, but Jenny has.

When you click on an eye symbol and scroll down, you can collect the student's work, which will prevent them from continuing.


It's Stile's "Pens down!" feature :)

Collecting work for the whole class

You can also do this for the whole class. This is really useful if an assessment's deadline is up and you want to prevent students from continuing, or you want to make sure they're not taking back their work. This can be done in the Markbook:

  1. Click on the small down-arrow in the yellow bar for your class (in the example below for 5A) that matches your lesson or assessment in the top row.
  2. Click 'Collect all unfinished work'

That's it! All 'eyes' will turn into 'locked inboxes' (meaning that the work has been collected and can't be taken back) and you can get cracking with marking.



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