How do I copy a lesson I made to another subject?

The quickest and easiest way to copy lessons between subjects is now quicker and easier!

You can either copy a whole folder of lessons or an individual lesson.

Whole folders of lessons

Find the folder you want to copy and click on "More" on the right side of the folder's header. Select the first option: "Copy this folder."


A text block will appear to confirm that your folder has been copied, including instructions on what to do next!


Now go back to your Home page and select the subject into which you want to paste the folder.

Within that subject, click on the "Options" menu in the upper right corner and select the first option: "Paste folder here."


And that's it! Your folder will appear along with a text block confirming the action.


Individual Lessons

This works much in the same way.
Click into the lesson you want to copy and select 'Copy [Lesson name]' from the 'More' menu in the corner:

You'll get a confirmation message that the lesson has been copied:

Head to the place where you want to paste the lesson, and from the folder 'More' menu, select 'Paste lesson here':

You'll get a notification that the lesson has been pasted:

And if there are two lessons with the same name, the new one will have a (2) at the end of its name:


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