Student work is missing

Student work is automatically saved in Stile while students are working. This means that the work is often hiding in the Markbook and not really missing.

There are four main reasons why student work may not be showing up in the Markbook:

  1. The work is hidden in a collapsed folder or class;
  2. Only Assessments are visible;
  3. The student has multiple Stile accounts and completed the work in another account; or
  4. A class containing student work has been archived.

1. Collapsed Markbook


The view of the Markbook can be simplified by collapsing rows and colums to hide them from view. If the student or lesson cannot be found, then the Markbook is most likely collapsed. Expand the classes and folders by clicking on the + icons.

2. The Assessments toggle


The Assessments toggle at the top of the screen offers two views of the Markbook: Assessments only and Everything. If the toggle is set to Assessments Only, then only lessons that are marked as assessed (in orange) will appear. Folders with no assessments will be completely hidden. Click the toggle to switch views.

3. Multiple student accounts


The student might have signed up with the wrong email address, or registered with multiple addresses in various subjects. Look for a second account with the same name. 

4. A class has been archived

A class is removed from the subject's Markbook when it is archived. This preserves the student work in a read-only state and also reduces clutter by hiding the class from view across the whole subject. Learn more about class archiving and how to restore archived classes