I can't find my students' work!

All student work is automatically saved in Stile, every 2 seconds when students are working, so it's extremely rare that it's actually lost.

There are two main reasons why student work may not be showing up in the Markbook:

  1. The work was completed in a collapsed folder
  2. The students have multiple Stile accounts and completed the work in another account

Collapsed folders

By default, Stile closes most folders in the Markbook to speed up the loading time. Make sure you're looking at the right folder (vertical, in blue) when looking for student work - and the right class! They can also be collapsed (the horizontal yellow bars). That's usually the culprit for missing work.

Multiple student accounts

Sometimes students create new accounts when they're invited to a class with a join code by making up new email addresses. Take a look at the email address under the student's name in the Markbook to see if it's correct:


Look out for bogus emails like the one in the picture above and possible duplicate in student names in the class list.

If you find that students have multiple accounts, please get in touch via help@stileeducation.com and we can merge your students' accounts for them.

Neither of the above?

Please get in touch via the Support button in Stile or email us via the address above! We can usually find your student's work (if they've actually done it!



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