Troubleshooting Stile

Unlike other apps, Stile is not installed on your computer. Instead, it runs in a web browser such as Google Chrome: it's a web app.

The majority of problems that occur in Stile are actually caused a combination of

  1. the browser 
  2. your internet connection
  3. Stile itself

While Stile is not perfect (no software is), 1 and 2 are almost always the culprits when something doesn't work like it should in Stile. Here's how you can troubleshoot your issues.

1. Refresh the page

This fixes about 40% of problems. Sometimes, things don't load properly (especially if your internet connection is not fantastic) and a page refresh will force the browser to try again.

2. Restart your browser

If a refresh doesn't fix it, a browser restart takes care of about 55% of problems, especially if you're using Chrome.

Chrome is usually set to automatically update. The problem is that once it's updated, it needs to relaunch - otherwise certain things won't work the way they should. You can see if that's the case by clicking on the three dots in the corner ('Settings') and going to Help > About Chrome:

If that page looks like this, it's time to relaunch:

Refresh and restart fix most issues in Stile.

If you ever find that something doesn't work the way you expect it to, shut down the browser and re-open it. If that still doesn't fix your problem, and you definitely have a working internet connection, please get in touch with us!


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