Subject missing from the home page

Lost subjects can always be found again.

If a subject has gone missing from the home page, then it is most likely due to one of the following. Click the links to jump to the relevant sections or keep reading below:

  1. The subject has been archived;
  2. The user has been removed from the subject;
  3. The user is in the wrong account; or
  4. The subject has been deleted.


The subject has been archived

Subjects that are inactive for a period of months will be automatically archived to reduce clutter on the home page. Teachers are also able to archive subjects, even when they are shared with co-teachers. Archived subjects can be restored at any time. Learn about the Archive here.


The user has been removed from the subject

Students can be removed from the subject by teachers. Teachers can also remove themselves and other teachers if the subject has two or more teachers

If a student was removed, they can be re-enrolled by any teacher in the subject. Learn how to add students here.

If a teacher was removed, then they can be re-invited by another teacher in the subject. If the teacher is unsure, then they can get in touch with the Support team for help.


The user is in the wrong account

If a student appears in the class list for a subject but cannot see the subject on their home page, then it is likely that the student has created multiple accounts with different email addresses.

Teachers can also inadvertently create multiple accounts, especially if the school provides multiple email addresses such as a Department email and a school-specific email. 

Contact the Support team for help in merging the multiple accounts together. This will pull all resources and work into a single account.


The subject has been deleted

If the above options are exhausted and the subject is still missing, then reach out to the Support team for help in locating and restoring it.