Real-time updates within Stile keep students and teachers on track in their subjects.

Notifications appear when one user performs an action that affects another user, such as submitting work or releasing feedback.


Students get notified when:



Teachers get notified when:


View notifications


Notifications appear in the black banner at the top of the app screen, next to the Support button. Unread notifications are called out by an orange number next to the Notifications button. Click the button to expand the Notifications menu. Click on a notification to navigate to its relevant page. 


Notification preferences

There are two main actions on notifications: Mark as read and Opt out.



Clicking Mark as read will change it to Completed and move it from the top of the Notifications menu. It can be referenced later on at the bottom of the menu.




Note: A teacher can opt out of seeing notifications from another teachers' class in a shared subject. When a student submits work from another class, click Opt out on the relevant notification. This will stop all notifications for the class in which that student is enrolled. This action can be reversed by clicking the Preferences button in the Notifications menu.

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