There are a range of real-time notifications in Stile that help you keep on track of what's happening with class work.

Teachers and students both get notified when:

  • work is submitted/feedback is left
  • a subject is archived
  • someone posts in a discussion

Students also get notified when a teacher requests work to be resubmitted.

Teachers get notified when other teachers post Teacher notes about a student. 

Here are a few sample notifications a teacher might receive:


When the first student in a class submits a lesson in Stile, you get a red '1' badge in your Notifications tab, meaning that you have one unread notification:

 Clicking on that badge opens up the notification sidebar:

Here we can see that Olga has submitted her project and is now waiting for feedback.

The red '1' badge has disappeared because you've now seen this notification and are ready to action it.

Click on the notification to be taken straight to her work. Once feedback has been left, the notification tab also disappears.

If more than one student has submitted work, the icon looks like a pile of paper and clicking on it takes you to the Markbook instead of one student's work:

Opt out of notifications for classes you don't teach

If you receive a notification from a class that I don't actually teach (let's say Olga the Owl is in you colleague Lisa's class), you can opt out of receiving notifications for Lisa's class by clicking on 'Opt-out'. Stile will automatically filter out any notifications for students in that class. 

If you ever need to turn them back on, you can always do so from the 'Preferences' menu at the top of the sidebar:

Select the classes for which you'd like to opt back in and Stile will add them back:


When a subject is archived either by you, one of your co-teachers or by Stile, you get notified as well:

Stile archives any subject that hasn't been touched in six months; however, if you want to get a subject back for some reason, you can always do that from the archive. Simply click on the notification and click 'Unarchive'.

That said, if you haven't touched it for that long, it's probably better if you make a new copy and archive the old one. Your students from last year will thank you!


In order to keep track of discussions in Stile, we also notify you when someone posts in a discussion you're in.

Students also get notified in the sidebar when new comments have been made:



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