Audio in Stile

Stile's new audio recorder widget makes it very quick and easy to make your own audio recordings for your students:


  1. Drag in an audio widget
  2. Press 'Start recording' (and if this is your first time, you may need to allow the browser to access the microphone)
  3. Press 'Finished' when you're done recording and play it back to check if necessary.
  4. Press 'Done'

This feature also lets you add already recorded audio files that you have on your computer. 


You can add narrations to text widgets and any question box:

This is great for students who struggle with reading, language learners and music (aural dictation/listening tasks).

Simply hit the 'Start recording' button or upload recordings made elsewhere.


Student audio responses

Want your students to record some audio? Use Open response!

This gives students, among other things, the same audio recorder as teachers.

Need more control?

The audio recorder widget is designed to be simple and straightforward. If you're recording longer passages and would like to edit your audio to cut out uhms and ahs, etc, we recommend a fantastic free app called Audacity. It lets you record and edit audio which you can then export in chunks to your desktop and drag and drop into any Stile lesson.

This short video shows you how:


Once in Stile, they automatically embed!

For best results, use a proper microphone. See this post for some recommendations.


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