The Learning Dashboard

The Learning Dashboard is Stile's continuous reporting page, giving you handy one-page overview of a student's progress across all subjects on Stile in three ways: 

  1. A colour slider for each subject
  2. Live reports, Marks analysis and upcoming assessments
  3. a 'Teacher notes' discussion bar on the right


You can access each student's Learning Dashboard page by clicking on a student's name on the 'Markbook' page.

1. Colour slider

This is a really quick way to adjust a student's current state (e.g. performance, wellbeing and/or engagement or whichever metric you want to use) to the student's other teachers. It also shows if the student has any overdue work in the subject with an orange alarm clock icon (seen above)

If a teacher hasn't adjusted the slider, it will show up as a grey question mark (see below).


2. Live report, Marks analysis and Assignments

Live report

Live report is there to allow for quick written updates on a student's progress. This can be incidents, examples of or links to good work or other salient notes:

Marks analysis

This section shows you how well the student is doing in terms of assessments. Each assessment comes with a little visual statistical info in the form of a box-and-whisker plot:

  • Where they sit in the whole class (blue dot)
  • Quartiles 1–3 (the grey box)
  • The median (the white line)

Clicking on the blue dot will also reveal any summary feedback left for the assessment.


'Assignments' is a quick view of any upcoming assignments for the student. It also shows any overdue ones, indicated with an orange box with an alarm clock:

3. Teacher comments

Finally, the discussion bar on the right can be used to chat with other teachers about a student: