How to add teachers

There are two ways to add teachers to Stile.

If you are a Stile Admin, you can add teachers via 'School settings' on the home page:

Simply paste teacher emails in the box provided and click 'Add teachers':

Teachers added this way will automatically have subject creation rights.

Adding co-teachers

If you're a Stile for Schools subscriber, you may also add co-teachers to your subject. Co-teachers can see everything you can see in that subject, and can also change any aspect of the lesson, but unless they have been given subject creation rights by an admin like in the screenshot above, they won't be able to create their own subjects.

This is great if you quickly need to add a substitute teacher to your class or have a colleague help out as well.

Stile for Schools teachers can add co-teachers from the 'Students' page > 'Teachers' tab:

If you'd like to be added as an admin or are not sure who your school's admin is, please contact us via



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