Public Library submission guidelines

Our community of teachers is creating some fantastic lessons in Stile. We have created the Stile Learning Community Library to enable sharing these lessons with everyone.

In order to ensure that the quality of lessons in the library is of a high standard, we've created a few guidelines we would love for you to follow.

We reserve the right to send lessons back for review if they don't meet these guidelines! Alternatively, we may also edit the lesson ourselves for that reason.

1. Variety & sound pedagogy

We'd like to encourage a use of technology that goes beyond uploading files and really makes use of the tools inside of Stile.

Ideally, each lesson contains a mixture of lower- and higher-order thinking tasks, following a framework such as

  • the Fogarty & McTighe three story intellect
  • the five Es instructional model or
  • a similar approach

Each submission should:

  • be made up of 2-5 lesson pages:
    • 1-3 to teach the content
    • 1 as an 'exit ticket' quiz
    • 1 optional project-like activity

Inside the lessons

Content lesson(s):

  • learning goals explicitly stated
  • a mix of question types and media
  • 2+ Interactive Canvases
  • 1+ video

Exit ticket quiz:

  • 1 lesson that contains 2 multiple choice questions per learning goal (like an exit ticket) 
  • The MCQs should be written according to this guide and contain automated feedback

Optional project task:

  • A fun application of the lesson content learnt, ideally hands-on
  • Students share what they've made via one or 'Open response' questions


2. No copyrighted materials

While we love rich multimedia content, we can't distribute copyrighted materials to the community (for example scanned pages of textbooks or chapters from electronic textbooks). We therefore encourage you to use videos embedded in YouTube and use images from copyright-free places like Pixabay

You may use Creative Commons licenced material, as long as it's cited accordingly in the caption, like in the example below:

3. Information for students and teachers

Stile has overview boxes for both students and teachers:

Please enter at least some basic information in both boxes.

Students should get an idea of what they'll be learning about, with 2-4 learning goals clearly stated in the Student overview

Teachers should get a quick overview of what's covered in terms of lesson content. Also, the notes should clearly state

  • the Australian Curriculum point that the lesson teaches
  • any prerequisite knowledge the students should have before attempting the lesson

4. Editing for general consumption

Before submitting, please take a quick look at the lessons to ensure that it's free of errors and remove references that are specific to your class (e.g. "Please complete as per Ms Jones' instructions in class this morning" would not be helpful to anyone else teaching this lesson).

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us at



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