Adding media (video, audio and images)


My own files

Simply drag and drop media (video, audio, and images) files into your lesson from the desktop! This will automatically embed them in the lesson. Watch the video below to see how it works.

To embed video from an online source (YouTube, Vimeo or Behind the News), you need to add a video tile.

The video below shows you how that's done. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.

00:00 - Search YouTube

00:31 - Set beginning and end times of YouTube videos

01:07 - Embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos from links

01:31 - Embedding Behind the News

YouTube videos

You can either paste a link to a video if you already have it or search YouTube from right inside if Stile! Let's start with the latter:

Searching YouTube

Add a video tile to your lesson and simply type keywords for the topic you're looking for. You can preview videos and add them to your lesson in one click.

I already have the link to a YouTube/Vimeo/BTN video

After adding a video widget, copy and paste the URL (link from the address bar in your browser) into the box, like in the picture below.

Click 'Use this video' to embed it in the lesson.

This works for YouTube, Vimeo and Behind the News (BTN) videos!

If you're looking for ClickView, please see this article.



Recording and uploading audio

You can easily record your own audio files using a recorder like Audacity and drag and drop them into any lesson. The audio file will automatically embed with a play button and progress bar that works on all devices.

This video shows you the whole process:


Again, simply drag any image into the lesson to embed it. By default, images will embed in the centre of the page. You can drag the embedded images into the side-by-side tile to have them on the left or right side, or add an image widget to the side-by-side tile and then choose an image to upload from there. 

If you'd like more control over image size and position, consider using a 'Draw a picture' tile. This will allow you to:

  • have multiple images side by side
  • control the size and placement of each image
  • have full-width images
  • import and scale SVG vector graphics for super crisp illustrations


Stile supports animated GIF files, but there is a size limit of 600KB. Files larger than this will be turned into non-animated PNG files.

If your GIF is bigger than 600KB, you can try compressing it using sites like EZGIF or send them to us and we'll try our best to get them down to size.

Emoji 😀

You can add emoji anywhere in Stile. Simply copy and paste them or use the emoji keyboard in your device. See this post on how to turn on your device's emoji keyboard.


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