How do I restore something that was deleted?

I deleted my Lesson/Folder!

Don't panic - there's an easy fix for that: the recycling bin!

You can find it at the bottom of your Subject, in the same bar as the 'Create folder' and 'Browse the Lesson Library' button.


Get them back with a single click of the 'Restore' button. Easy!

I deleted my subject!

Three things could have happened here:

  1. You removed yourself (or a co-teacher removed you) from your subject.
  2. You actually deleted it.
  3. You archived it.

1. I've removed myself from my subject


Clicked the option above by accident?

If there are other teachers in your subject, you can't actually delete it (phew!) but you may have pressed the button above, or someone accidentally removed you — it can happen!

If that's the case, simply ask one of the other teachers in your subject to add you back. If that's not possible, please get in touch with us and we'll get you back in. 


2. I actually deleted my subject

The same applies if you actually deleted your subject. We can usually get it back for you — simply let us know what it was called when you contact us and we'll restore it for you.

3. I accidentally archived my subject

Like the Recycling bin above, you can simply restore your subject from the Archive, which you can find at the bottom of your Subject list:


In the Archive, click into the subject you want to restore and click 'Unarchive'. You'll get a choice of putting it back or simply making a copy of it for the next crop of students.

I accidentally deleted a question

We can get that back for you as well, but it's probably quicker to just make it again. If you do need it back, simply use the 'Contact us' button above.

I deleted my class/students

We added a safety feature to prevent teachers from deleting classes if they are populated with students. If you deleted an empty class, you can simply create a new one.

Deleting students doesn't actually delete their account, it just removed them from your subject! Simply add them back via email or invite code and their work will reappear:


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