Class discussion

Class discussion is a quick and easy way to turn any lesson into a collaborative one.

  • You can have a general discussion on any topic with your students — it’s like a private Twitter stream, just for your lesson. 
  • Students can share work they’ve created or discovered with their peers. Images and video files automagically embed in the discussion.
  • It can be a self-help chat for homework tasks.
  • It offers a less intimidating way for introverted students to voice their opinions.

Great, how does it work?

In any Stile lesson, look for the two speech bubbles in the sidebar on the right, or if there is now sidebar open, you should see a grey 'Class discussion tab' like in the image below. Clicking that tab will open up class discussion for that lesson.

If you can't see the sidebar, you're probably not on an individual lesson page. Each lesson has its own discussion, which you can turn on or off at any point.

Class discussion is turned off by default for everyone in newly created lessons; however, as a teacher, you can choose to turn them on at any time.

NOTE: discussion works on a per-subject level, not a per-class level. This means that if you're sharing a subject with other teachers who are teaching different classes, they will all be able to see and interact with the same chat. This can be a great way to get students from different classes interacting with the same lesson content, but we're aware that it can be inconvenient if you want to keep chat to just your class. 

As a workaround, you could create a separate subject in Stile just for chat in your class. 


Each time a student contributes to the discussion, you and other students will be alerted in the notification area. To opt out of receiving these, simply click 'Opt out' in any notification.


As a teacher, you can moderate the class discussion to highlight useful contributions or delete any inappropriate comments. Deleted comments are greyed out in teacher view and therefore still available for reference but are hidden completely for students.

Closing all discussions

If you don't want discussions to be open, you can close them on all in one go in each subject from the Options menu:



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