Mathematical notation

Stile supports mathematical notation, from simple super and subscript to full-blown matrices and calculus.


Equations in your question text

To insert equations into question text, simply click on the little square root icon within the text editor:


This brings up the equation editor. You can use any of the tools available in the equation editor toolbar to create your equation, fraction or other notation.



When you're finished, simply close it and it will be inserted as part of your question text.


Equations in your Multiple Choice Questions

You can add mathematical notation to MCQ answers by clicking the mathematical notation button:



Using this button, you can get fractions and other mathematical notation into MCQ answers.  

For example, you can make fractions for answers in an MCQ question in Stile by clicking the mathematical notation button and typing your numerator/denominator:


 For a list of shortcuts you can use to display mathematical notation, see this page.

For example, to write π, you can type \pi and hit the space bar.

If you only see \pi, like in the picture, you just need hit space to convert it:


Subscript and superscript

There are two ways to create superscript and subscript text:

1. Question editor
2. MCQ answers


1. Question editor

The options for superscript and subscript are in the text editor for the question:


2. MCQ answers

In order to create superscript or subscript text for MCQ answers, click on the mathematical notation button, start typing your text, then click the appropriate button for superscript or subscript: