Automatic marks and feedback

Reduce the time you spend marking student work by using questions that mark themselves with automated feedback.

Automatic feedback and marks apply immediately when a student submits a Lesson. You and your students will be able to access these marks and insights upon submission on a normal Lesson. If the Lesson is an Assessment, then the students will not be able to see the marks until you release answers and feedback. Automatic marks are built in to Multiple choice and True/False questions, so there is no extra work required in setting them up. They can also be applied to Interactive Canvas questions when you build drag-and-drop tasks.



When creating a Multiple Choice or True/False question, you specify which of the possible answers are correct or incorrect. Stile uses these to correctly mark the student responses for you. Writing feedback on each answer option is optional, however this can be especially helpful for students on non-assessed Lessons because they can receive immediate help to understand the material without waiting for the teacher to review, mark, and release the work back to them.

Learn more about creating your own Multiple Choice question here.



Students also benefit by receiving instant feedback on their learning progress. When the student submits the work, they will receive a correct or incorrect mark instantly along with the pre-written feedback for the chosen answer. They will not be shown the correct answer unless they selected it, so they have another opportunity to take back the work and try again.


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