Getting your students to resubmit work

Why resubmit?

There are a number of reasons why you might want students to resubmit work:

  • you added more lesson content to a lesson and want to let them know
  • maybe they didn't put in a lot of effort or made a lot of mistakes
  • you'd like students to comment on the feedback you've left them

How is it done?

To ask an individual student for a resubmission:

1. Select the 'Submitted' symbol and leave feedback (if the work hasn't been submitted yet, you can always collect it)


2. At the bottom of the page, click on Release feedback and require resubmission 


3. The lesson will be marked with an Awaiting resubmission symbol ('x')


4. Students see a notification in the top bar in Stile - clicking on an individual student's notification will take them straight to the student's work. If there are several, you'll be taken to the Markbook

Students also get an orange 'Resubmission required' symbol on the Lessons page:
To ask your whole class to resubmit, check out our article on whole-class controls!
  • Students will be able to see any feedback you've left for them, and if it's an assessment, they'll also see their mark.
  • If you've accidentally collected work and want your students to keep working, you can do that by requesting them to resubmit their work.



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