Check student progress

Student work can be tracked and viewed from the Markbook and from Class insights.

Watch this quick video tutorial, or keep reading below.


1. The Markbook


Each Subject has its own Markbook which provides a visual breakdown of student progress. Click into the subject you want to review ('Year 9 Science - Mr McD' in this example), and then click on the Markbook button in the green subject header.


Each of the icons means something different. Take a look at the example above: 

  1. The open eye icon means the student has opened the work, and possibly started working on it. Diana opened every lesson through the Quiz, but she hasn't submitted anything yet.
  2. The inbox tray means the student has submitted work. Kamala and Peter both submitted quite a few lessons.
  3. If the inbox tray is accompanied by a lock, such as Carol's quiz, then the student has submitted their work and cannot take it back until you release it to them. 
  4. A red icon indicates that the work was submitted after the assigned due date. Carol and Peter both submitted their Intro lesson late.
  5. An X means that the work has been marked by the teacher, and then the teacher requested resubmission so the student can try again. Kamala needs to put more effort into her Intro lesson.
  6. A Check mark means the work was marked and answers were released to the student - they don't need to resubmit. Carol's overview lesson is complete and satisfactory.
  7. A percentile mark only appears on assessed lessons, such as the quiz, after answers are released to the student. The title of the assessed lesson is also highlighted in orange.


Hover over the icon to reveal more information, including when the lesson was submitted.


Click on the icon to view the student's work. This view includes the submissions timeline for that particular student and lesson. If the student submitted their work multiple times (either by taking it back on their own or through the teacher requesting resubmission), then each version of the submitted work will be available to view.

2. Class Insights


Access Class Insights from the Markbook by clicking on the blue graph icon that corresponds with the lesson to be reviewed.


Each lesson has its own insights page that updates in real time. This includes the current status of each student on the lesson: Not started; Working; and Submitted. Question Analysis breaks down the number of correct and incorrect responses to auto-marked questions, and provides links to view responses to open ended questions using Quick Review. In the example above, Q1-Q8 are all automatically marked, and Q9 at the bottom offers a link to Quick Review.



Every time a students submit work, the teacher in that subject receives a notification. Click on Notifications in the top bar (next to Support) to reveal the list.

Click on an individual student submission notification to go directly to their lesson.

If more than one student submit work on the same lesson, then a single notification will appear with a stack of papers icon, to reduce clutter in the list. Click on this type of notification to go to the Markbook.