How do I archive?

Why archive?

One of the important functions of Stile is to keep a record of student work throughout their education, such that both teachers and students can review it at any time. The Stile archive allows you to safely store and keep track of all of your old subjects.

By archiving subjects, we can ensure the original activities your students completed are kept as they were at the time of completion. While you can no longer teach from archived subjects, you and your students can continue to access them in a read-only mode.

Important note:

It's generally a good idea to duplicate your subject BEFORE archiving it. That way, you have a new copy of your subject for your new cohort of students and can safely stow the old one away. Cosmos Lessons and Double Helix Lessons should be downloaded fresh from the Library unless you made your own custom modifications. This will ensure you have the most recent versions!

How do I archive a subject?

To archive a subject:

  1. navigate to the subject page (from the home page)
  2. click the Options menu at the top right corner of the subject,
  3. followed by 'Archive this subject.'

Accessing the Archive

Once archived, subjects are removed from your homepage. To access them, both you and your students will be able to click on the View archived subjects link at the bottom of your subject list.

How do I copy a subject from the archive?

Find the subject of interest from the archive list, and click 'Unarchive', followed by the 'Copy to new subject' button. Once the copy is created, you'll want to rename it to remove the copy tag at the end.

That's it!  A new subject is created with a copy of all your materials, but without the past students. The old subject, complete with all student submissions, remains in the archive for future review


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