How do I duplicate a Subject, Folder, Lesson or Question?

Duplicate a subject

To duplicate a Subject, make sure you're on the 'Lessons' tab of the green subject bar.

1. Select  Options >  Duplicate this subject


2. The duplicated Subject will appear in the subject list with 'copy' added to the end.


Duplicate a folder

To duplicate a Lesson folder,  

1. Select  More >  Duplicate this folder


2. The duplicated Lesson will appear below the grey release bar with 'copy' at the end.

Duplicate a Lesson

Click into the lesson you want to duplicate.

1. Select  More >  Duplicate [Name of the lesson]


2. The duplicated Lesson will appear at the bottom of the folder with 'copy' added to the title.

Duplicate a question

To duplicate a question (or any widget, such as text or images), select its 'More' menu and > Duplicate

The duplicated widget will appear right below the original. 



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