How do I upload files from other iPad apps?

For teachers:

In Stile, simply create a Lesson and from the content sidebar select either:

  • the 'Student upload' tile if you'd like your students to upload a single file (such as an essay from Pages) 


  • 'Open response' if you'd like them to upload multiple files.

Students (and teachers) can then upload files by following these steps:

For students:

  • Open the Stile app, log in and navigate to the upload question and follow these four simple steps:
  1. Go to the app where you created your work (e.g. Pages)
  2. Click the share icon (it usually looks like a box with an arrow pointing up)
  3. Select ‘Open in (another app)...’
  4. Look for Stile in the list and select it
  5. Upload the file!

Here’s a short video that shows how students can upload a Pages document to Stile that has been created with Apple’s Pages for iPad.

While the exact workflow varies slightly from app to app, it’s always very similar to this.

If you can't see the above video, here are the screenshots:

Open the app you're working in (e.g. Pages)

Tap the 'Share' icon

Select 'Open in another app'

Select your format

Look for Stile in the list of apps

Select 'Open in Stile'

Navigate to the upload question

Drag file into the drop zone

Wait for the file to upload

Teachers can also attach files to the Summary feedback box


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