Bulk importing students and teachers into Stile

There are three ways to get students into Stile: using invitation codes, email addresses or in bulk via CSV.

Teachers can add students via invitation code or email. See this article for more information.

Stile Administrators have access to the CSV importer — the ability to set up classes in bulk — which comes in very handy at the beginning of the school year! It also has the added benefit that you're added to each subject as a co-teacher for oversight.

It can be accessed via the 'School settings' button and the 'Import data' tab (see below).


From there, a CSV file can be uploaded that contains the following five cells in the top row:

  • subject code
  • subject name
  • role
  • student class name
  • email

NOTE: All these columns MUST be included and spelt like that or the tool won't work!

Here's an example of one such CSV:


If you don't use subject codes, that column can be left blank (though you'll still need the header 'subject code').

Subject codes

If you don't use subject codes, that column can be left blank (though you'll still need the header 'subject code').

Subject name

This is essentially the year level for each teacher. If Kim Smith teaches two Year 7 classes (7A and 7B), they should be in one Stile subject (e.g. Year 7 Science - Kim Smith) with two classes in the 'Student class name' column.


This should either be 'student' or 'teacher'

Student class name

Only add the class name for students here (leave blank for teachers) - see 'Subject codes' above). The character limit here is 10 characters per class.


Please ensure the correct spelling here, as students won't be able to activate their Stile account if this is spelt incorrectly.

Uploading the CSV file

Once the CSV is uploaded, you'll be shown the results of the data analysis and Stile will let you know if it's all in order. You should see something like this:

If everything looks OK, click the big blue button and you should see something like the following if it all goes well:

If you see something like the screenshot below, some of the data may be missing or in the wrong place.

Take another look at the exact spelling of the columns and make sure student class names do not exceed 10 characters.

If it all looks ok, please get in touch with support and attach the CSV if possible for reference and we'll take a look at it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you upload students and teachers, they will all receive an email from Stile, prompting them to set up their account (unless they are already registered on Stile). The subjects they've been enrolled in will be empty, however (no lesson content).

If you are at a school that has already been using Stile, chances are that teachers have already created subjects and enrolled in them. This means that those classes may be duplicated.

By default, the process will create an empty class called 'Students' in each subject.Each subject will also contain the default 'Students' class. This can be deleted via the 'Rename' option.


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