Bulk import school data

Stile school admins have the ability to set up classes in bulk using the CSV Importer tool.

Create a spreadsheet with the following five cells in the top row:

  • subject code
  • subject name
  • role
  • student class name
  • email


Warning: These five column headers must be included exactly as they are written here in order for the CSV Importer tool to recognise them.


Subject code

The contents of the subject code column are optional and can be left blank, however the header must be included.


Subject name

The subject is where resources and students are organised. In the example spreadsheet above, one subject (Year 8 Science - Mr McD) will contain two classes (8A and 8B). This way the teacher only needs to create a single set of resources to share to the two year 8 classes.



This should either be student or teacher.


Student class name

Classes are how students are organised within a subject. In the example above, students are sorted into 8A and 8B. The class names must each be less than 10 characters. Leave this cell blank for teachers.



Ensure that each email address is correct and able to receive emails. Stile uses these addresses to send email invitations and as account login credentials.


Upload the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet must be saved as a .CSV file.



Click Manage staff on the home page, just below the school's name.



Click Import data to continue. Read the notes on the following page to ensure your data is accurate, and then click Upload a CSV file.



Upon uploading the file, a summary of changes will appear on the page as well as a detailed list of changes. Make sure the details are correct, and then click Apply these changes now to import your school data.

Emails listed in the .CSV file will receive invitation emails as soon as the changes are applied. If they are new to Stile, then they will be prompted to create accounts when they click the link in the email.

Questions? Concerns? Email a copy of the file to help@stileeducation.com and our Support team will assist.