Track student progress while they work

Use the Analytics page to get real-time updates in a lesson, including individual question analysis and class results breakdown.


Analytics is a fantastic formative assessment tool which allows you to see how your students are progressing through a lesson or test. See who's working and who's completed the lesson and quickly identify areas where class comprehension could use some extra attention.



When viewing a lesson, switch the view toggle at the top of the page to Analytics to see how your students are doing.


Here's what you can do on the Analytics page

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Select which class to analyse


Analytics are organised according to class so you can see how each group is doing on a given lesson or test. Below the lesson title on the left side of the screen, click the menu labeled Analytics for... and select your class from the dropdown menu.

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See which students have started and submitted


Near the top of the page, the class is broken into three categories: Not started, Working, and Submitted. Click on each of these categories to see a list of student names. Click a student's name to go directly to their worksheet.

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Individual question analysis


The Question Analysis column on the right side of the page makes it easy to review each question in the lesson.



Each automatically marked question will have a bar graph to show right/wrong answer ratios. This includes multiple choice and true/false quetsions. Click on the question to reveal more information.



Open-ended questions such as tables, written response, or open response will have a View responses button instead of a bar graph. Click this button to access Quick Review and see how each student in the class responded to that question. (If you're not familiar with Quick Review, click here to learn more.) These questions will need to be marked manually.

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See the marks distribution on assessments


The Results Distribution graph in the lower left of the page is available on assessed lessons. (If you're not familiar with assessments vs normal lessons, click here.) This graph will update as students submit their work, and as you mark their open-ended questions.

In the example above, only 3 students have submitted their test so far, and so only their results appear in the graph. The graph will update as more students submit their work.

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