Providing model answers for your students and colleagues

NOTE: Looking for model answers for Cosmos Lessons or Double Helix lessons?

See this article!

Many teachers like to provide some model or sample answers for their students.

If you're thinking of sharing your Lessons to the Library, model answers are also something that's always worth including.

Here's how on Windows PCs and Macs (iPads see below):

  1. Download and install Google Chrome on your computer 
  2. Switch to Student mode and answer the questions the way you'd like them to be answered by your students:

3. When you've answered each question, click on 'Print':


4. Save the lesson to PDF by changing the 'Destination' to 'Save as PDF' to your desktop:

5. In Stile, create a new lesson called 'Suggested answers' and drag and drop the PDF in it:


 You can either embed it or leave it as a link like in the image below:

7. Don't release the answers until you're ready to show them to the class:


Using an iPad?

If you don't have access to a computer and are working with only an iPad, simply make screenshots of your model answers (by pressing the Home and power buttons at the same time) and add those instead. 

Teacher's box

Another thing some teachers do is upload the PDF to a cloud file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive and sharing the link to it in the Teacher box, along with any other pertinent info. This is especially useful if you're sharing your lessons to the Library! Here's an example from Cosmos Lessons:

NOTE: Looking for model answers for Cosmos or Double Helix lessons? See this article!



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