Create model answers for custom lessons

There are a number of ways to share suggested answers among teachers using customised resources. 

A teacher can include model answers either within the lesson or as a separate document when creating or customising bespoke lessons.  Below are the two most popular methods.
NoteAutomatically marked questions do not require model answers.

Use teaching notes within the lesson

The teaching note widget is a text block that is invisible to students and visible to teachers. It can be used to share suggested written answers to questions.


Add a teaching note above or below the question and type the suggested answer.

Create lesson PDFs with answers

This method works better when there are more question types than written and auto-marked. It is the go-to method for the Stile Content team to create suggested answers for whole units.


Click into the lesson and then switch to Student view. Complete the lesson as a student would and submit the work when finished. Do this for each lesson that requires model answers.

Switch back to Teacher view and go to the Markbook. The Teachers class will include any teachers in the subject that have viewed lessons in Student View.


Click into the lessons that contain the freshly completed model answers and save them as PDFs.

Save the PDFs online somewhere that can be shared privately, such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Make sure that the location is accessible to anyone with the link. Add the link to the folder's teaching notes.

Learn more about sharing custom resources with other teachers here.


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