Add, remove, or edit your email address

Keep your email address current on your Stile account to make sure you can log in easily.

Your email address is your username for logging in and for receiving invitations and password resets. You can update your email address via the profile page. This can be useful if there is an error or typo in the address; if your preferred email address has changed; or if you would like to add an alternate email address. You can have any number of email addresses associated with your account, and they can all be used to log in.

Note: If you are a teacher whose student entered the wrong email when creating their account, please reach out to the Stile Support team for help! We can update the address for them.



Click on your name (or Edit profile) in the top right corner of the Stile page to access your Profile page.

There is no way to edit an email address on the account, so instead, you can add the correct address and remove the incorrect one.



Find the Email addresses section below the Profile pictures. Enter a new email address in the text box and click the blue + Add new email button.

Click the Remove button next to the address you want to delete.

Note: The Remove option will only appear when multiple email addresses are tied to the Stile account.



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