Getting Started part 4: Mark and give feedback

Reviewing student work can be fast and easy.

There are three ways to review student work and offer feedback:

  1. Review student answers for a single question using Quick review;
  2. Review a single student's completed lesson from the Markbook;

Use a combination of these to make the task go even faster. Watch the video tutorial for the basics, and read on for more info.

1. Review all student answers for a single question

Quick review allows the teacher to focus on one question at a time and scroll through each student's response. From the Class insights page, choose an open-ended question to review and click View responses. Automatically marked questions such as Multiple choice and True/false are not available for Quick review.


The teacher can see the student's complete answer, mark it right or wrong, and leave a comment. Navigate between students by using the left and right arrows or through the dropdown menu of student names.

Learn more about Quick review here.

2. Review a single student's completed lesson

Click on a student's submission icon in the Markbook to view their full lesson. From this view, different types of feedback are available.


Each question within a lesson comes with a yellow sticky note where the teacher can type feedback for an individual student's response. This corresponds to the comment field in Quick review.

If no feedback is left, then the sticky note won't show up for the student.

Below the sticky note is the green check (right) and the red X (wrong). Click either one to set the mark on any question. Automatically marked questions will already have one of the two options selected.


Highlight text that students have written and add Inline feedback comments directly to their text. Drag the cursor over the text to highlight it, and then click on the annotate icon that appears. This feedback will appear immediately on non-assessed lessons to keep students on track while they work. 


Summary feedback is available bottom of each lesson as a large sticky note. Attach files such as rubrics, annotated screenshots, videos or anything else to help students learn. Below the summary feedback box is also the option to record audio feedback