Adding students

In Stile, students are enrolled by the teacher. Don't worry, it's really easy!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that students are enrolled and managed in Subjects, the green folders on the home page:

So if you teach a student in more than one class,  you'll have to add them to each Subject you teach. They will just show up for both you and your students every time you log in to Stile!

How is it done?


As you can see from the green arrow, we have two ways add students to our class: via invitation code or email.

Invitation codes

Invitation codes are a really quick way to get students into your class.  

This short video shows you how:


Tell students to go to and enter the invitation code on your screen (NOT the one in the image above!).

They only need to enter it once and they're enrolled forever - unless you delete them of course!

Important note: Each class has a different code - make sure you provide the correct code for your class! However, you can drag and drop students between classes in seconds, so if they do end up in the wrong class, simply drop them in the right one.

Can't find the code?

Once you already have students in the class, you'll see a list of students and a blue 'Add more students' button. Click the button to bring up the code again.


Student Emails

If you have a list of student emails, you can also just paste them into the white box below. If students are already on Stile, your subject will appear on their home page. If they're new to Stile, they will get an email, prompting them to activate their accounts.

You can add email addresses one-by-one or copy/paste whole lists from any source. When copy/pasting whole lists, never mind any extra characters that may be in the list, Stile is smart enough to recognise the email addresses and disregard the rest.

What if my students don't have emails?

No problem! Your students can use fake email addresses - we recommend using our '' domain. 

For example, if you teach at Kurrawong Primary School, you could get your students to use this formula: ('kps' being the school name, 'jane' being the student's name). 

Students can then set their own password and log in with it at any point going forward.

If a student forgets their password, you can always reset it for them.

What do my students see?

When students get to and enter the code provided, they'll see this:

Students simply follow the prompts and when they complete the process, they'll be taken to your lesson.

If you use the invitation code, students must type their email address correctly. If they mistype their email, they may end up in Stile multiple times. Keep an eye on their email addresses in your class list to make sure they've entered them correctly.

In Stile, students are added to and managed in Subjects. So if you teach a student in more than one class,  you'll have to add them to each Subject you teach. However, if they're already signed up to Stile, they won't get another welcome email – your Subject will just show up when they next log in to Stile!

Need to add another class/group or rename an existing one?

Check out our article on how to release a lesson to a class

Stile Team Tips:

Administrators:  You can also add students in bulk with a CSV! Check out this article to find out how. 


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