Due dates

Setting due dates is a great way to help students prioritise and keep track of their work.

When students log in to Stile, they are greeted with a neat list of all their upcoming due work right next to their list of subjects. 

Ordered by when they are due, the most pressing assignments are always at the top, so they can't be missed.

Should students miss a due date (not that it would ever happen), they'll get a big red OVERDUE notice at the very top of that list.

If a lesson is submitted on time, they get a nice green checkmark.

Mel Field, Learning and Teaching Leader at St Bernard's Primary School, Wangaratta, told us that her students "felt that it encouraged them to be more independent and to be responsible for their learning."

How is it done?

As a teacher, all you need to do is set a due date on your Lessons. You can find the 'Set due date' button on top of every Lesson (assessed an non-assessed):

You can set due dates for all students or each class individually:

And as an added motivator, we've built in a little surprise as well... if your students are particularly productive, they get treated to a fireworks display—but only once per day!




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