Export marks and feedback

From the Markbook, you can export class marks to

  • a CSV file (Comma Separated Values), or
  • a handy Excel spreadsheet

The Excel export also includes student responses and teacher feedback on a per-question basis:


How is it done?

1. On the Markbook, click Export marks to file:


2. Choose your format: 


The Excel format contains more information (per-question results and feedback) than the CSV export. 

If your subject is particularly large, it can take a while. We send you an email when your export is ready, so there's no need to stay on the page and wait for it to complete:


3. Select the tabs at the bottom to view all student marks on a per-assessment level or per-question responses and any feedback you left.

Please note that non-assessed lessons do not have any marks associated with them. If you'd like to learn more about assessments in Stile, please see this article


Once you've exported marks to Excel, you will be able to manage the data using whatever formulas you like.


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