Planning Subjects: Collaborative space for teachers

Create and modify custom resources with colleagues while keeping them separate from student work. 

A teacher can create unlimited Subjects on Stile. A planning Subject can be used as a private or collaborative creative space simply by not enrolling students. Teachers participating in the planning Subject can copy customized Lessons and Folders into their own Subjects to share with their students.

Set up a planning Subject in a few quick steps:


Create a new Subject


Make a new Subject on your home page and add something like [PLANNING] or [COLLAB] to its title, to make it stand out from your normal Subjects. Click here for a refresher on creating new Subjects.

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Invite Collaborators


Share the Subject with colleagues so they can contribute. Learn how to add co-teachers here.

Note: To share the Lessons without allowing other teachers to contribute, share the Lessons to the school library instead.

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Don't invite students

Don't do it! This space is for creating and editing Lessons before students work on them. If you edit a Lesson that students have already worked on, you risk losing their work. Avoid the risk by keeping this Subject separate from your students.

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Start creating

You can either modify what's available in the Stile Science library, or you can start from scratch. Click Create folder to do the latter.



Rename the Folder something short and descriptive by clicking the Edit button in the Folder's dark grey header. You may want to add your name to it if you are the only teacher using this Folder as a sandpit.

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Keep track of changes


Especially if the Subject is shared by multiple teachers, keeping a diary of major edits in the Folder's teaching notes can be really helpful. An example entry may include the date, the editor's name, and a brief description of what was changed. Click the Edit button in the dark grey header to update the Folder's teaching notes.

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Copy customized resources into an active Subject


Lessons and Folders can be copied and pasted between Subjects. When a Lesson or collection of Lessons is complete in the planning Subject, don't invite students.

Instead, add the completed resources to a separate Subject to be used with students. This will allow teachers to continue refining the resources in the planning Subject without the risk of overriding student work. If you are not familiar with how to copy and paste Lessons, check out this quick tutorial.

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