Collaborative lesson building with master subjects

Master subjects will help you and your colleagues share lessons with each other more easily, while still allowing you to make changes that won't affect your colleague's lessons. Stile subjects can be used for collaborative lesson writing and curriculum design - simply invite co-teachers and don't enrol any students. When new lessons are written, they can be copied and pasted individually into your own subject, customised, and released to your students.

Here's how it works:

  1. The learning area leader creates a subject on the home page, e.g. '2017 Year 10 Science MASTER'

  2. Any teachers that are contributing to - or benefiting from - the writing effort are added as co-teachers (via the 'Students' page)

  3. Each contributor creates a folder for each unit that they're writing. Keeping a consistent naming convention can help organise the subject and let others know who the author is.

  4. Information about the unit for teachers is added to the Teacher's notes section. We recommend a versioning system here (e.g. a date and version number) to signal to teachers when it was last updated)

  5. Once the unit is ready, other teachers in the master subject can copy either the whole folder or just individual lessons into their own subject. Teachers can edit their lesson copies and the master subject won't be affected.


There currently isn't a way to let teachers know when a unit has been updated in Stile, so if teachers do update a unit in the Master Subject, we recommend sending everyone using it a quick email to let them know.

If you want to share your lessons with teachers who are not in the master subject, then you can share them to the school's library.


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