How do I delete...

Sometimes you accidentally make a new folder, duplicate a lesson, or create one too many classes in your Stile subject. We make it easy to undo those whoopsies and keep your content organised. 

Delete a Question

Stile lessons are completely customisable. If you ever want to remove a question or other widget from a lesson, click on the question's "More" menu and select "Delete." There's no way to undo, so make sure you're on the correct question!

Delete a Lesson

When you delete a lesson, you also delete all the student marks associated with it. Consider hiding the lesson from students instead! Click into the lesson you want to delete, and then click on its "More" menu to find the delete option.
If you accidentally delete the wrong lesson, you can still get it back.

Delete a Folder

Deleting a folder will also delete all lessons and student work contained within it! Click the "More" dropdown in the folder's grey header and then select "Delete this folder..."
You can recover any folders you accidentally delete, too. Click here to learn how.

Delete a Subject

If any student work has been completed in a subject, consider archiving the subject instead. Select the "Options" dropdown in the subject's green header and then select "Delete this subject." You cannot undo this, but our support team can! 

Delete a Class

Deleting a class will remove all of that class' students from the subject. Move those students to the correct class within the subject first, and then delete the unwanted class when its population is 0. Select the "Rename class" option in the class you want to delete, and then select the red "Delete" button under the class name field. This cannot be undone! Any students mistakenly removed from the subject can be invited back and their work will be restored.

Remove a Student

Did a student get into your class by mistake? Oops! If they don't have any work that needs to be preserved, then you can remove them from the students page. Click the recycling bin to the right of their name.
If you notice a student has multiple accounts in your class and they have completed work in both accounts, contact our Support crew to merge the accounts. This will preserve all of the work completed.


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