Signing up with Microsoft (Office 365)

Don't want to have yet another password that students can forget? 

Get your students to sign up with Microsoft! 

If your school uses Microsoft's O365 service, students can use their school account to access Stile.

Inviting students

In your subject, head to the 'Students' page and look for the invitation code. It should look like this:

Ask your students to go to and enter the code on your screen.

After they enter the code, they'll see this page:

Ask your students to 'Sign in with Microsoft'.
They'll be taken to a Microsoft page to enter their school email address and password:

 The success screen should look like this: 

They're now permanently enrolled in your class and won't need the code again.

The next time they use Stile, they can just go to and click on 'Sign in with Microsoft': 

They'll see a list of all the classes they're enrolled in 👍


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