Copy resources from the school library

School libraries allow teachers to share their resources with colleagues. Every Stile school has its own library. 

Click into a subject and select Browse the lesson library to open the library menu.


The library menu has several options:

  • Stile Science resources can be found in the Years 5-10 Science Lessons library.
  • The School Library is available to all teachers within the school. In the example above, Mr McDichael is a teacher at two schools - School of Rock and Glennridge Secondary College - so he has access to both school libraries.

Click into the school library (marked with a schoolhouse icon) to reveal subjects containing lessons shared by teachers at the school.


Clicking into a subject will show which folders the teacher shared, along with the options to either add a copy of all lessons or browse each folder individually

Copying lessons from the school library will create duplicates of the originals. This means that a teacher can modify the copied lessons and the originals will not be altered. Lessons in the school library cannot be previewed; copy the lessons into a subject to see what they contain.