Create a Cloze task using the Interactive Canvas

Create an interactive question which automatically marks and provides feedback to Students. 



Stile's Interactive canvas widget lets you create a whole range of engaging activities for your students. One example of these activities is the Cloze task. A Cloze task is a great way to measure reading comprehension as well as understanding of a concept or topic. 

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Creating a Cloze task

1. Add the Interactive canvas widget


From Prepare mode, click on the Add content bar, and then click and drag the Interactive canvas to the spot in the Lesson you'd like to create the Cloze task. 


2. Add the background element

The background element is the paragraph or sentence which contains the blank spaces. There are two ways to input this text into the canvas:


Text tool

The Text tool lets you add and edit text, while the 'padlock' lets you lock the text in place so that students are unable to interact with that portion of the canvas. Elements can be locked and unlocked as many times as you require throughout the editing process. 


Upload an image


If you have a saved PNG or JPEG image of your text, then you can use the Upload an image button, remembering to lock the image once it is the correct size and in the desired position.


2. Add the source elements


The source elements are the objects that the students interact with, i.e. what they drag and drop into the locked background element. In the above example, those are Earth, Moon and Sun.


3. Set up automatic marking

To enable automatic marking, you next need to define the target areas for each of the moveable elements.



To do this, select an answer and then click on the Draw automark target button (check mark) in the toolbar. This will activate the auto-marking tool, making it possible to draw out a target area in the correct blank space. 


This target area will appear as a green rectangle, indicating the correct area. When you let go of your mouse, a dialogue box will appear which lets you add optional feedback for students who dragged the response into the correct space.

Example below:


4. Leave automated feedback for incorrect answers


It is also possible to specify incorrect feedback if students place an object in the wrong area. If students placed the Sun anywhere but the last blank space, you may want to let them know why that's incorrect. You can do that by highlighting the incorrect spaces and choosing 'Incorrect' in the dialogue box.


5. Create a model answer

Click over to the Model answer tab to create a display of how the Interactive canvas should look when completed correctly.



Simply move the editable elements into their correct position within the locked task and save the changes once completed.


How students interact with the activity

Using the Preview as student button at the top of your Lesson, you can preview the task as students will see it, as well as complete the activity to ensure that everything is working correctly. 
To learn more about previewing a lesson as a student, see this article here


Complete the activity and select I'm finished, show my teacher which will return results and feedback to you immediately. 


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