Keeping your school library organised

Any teacher can share their lessons to the school library, which is a great way to pool and distribute lesson writing efforts among staff. However, unless everyone follows a few common conventions, it can become increasingly difficult to find what you're after. 

In this article, we'll share our best practices for keeping your school library neat and tidy:

  1. Creating master subjects
  2. Adopting school naming conventions

Master subjects

Master subjects are Stile subjects that are used for collaborative lesson writing and curriculum design and don't have students enrolled in them. When new lessons are written, they can be shared to the school library and teachers can copy them into their own subjects.

Here's how it works:

  1. The learning area leader creates a subject on the home page, e.g. '2017 Year 10 Science MASTER'
  2. Any teachers that are contributing to the writing effort are added as co-teachers (via the 'Students' page)
  3. Each contributor creates a folder for each unit that they're writing
  4. Information about the unit for teachers is added to the Teacher's notes section (that part is visible in the library). We recommend a versioning system here (e.g. a date and version number) to signal to teachers when it was last updated)
  5. Once the unit is ready, it is shared to the school library
  6. Anyone at the school can copy it in from there

There currently isn't a way to let teachers know when a unit has been updated in Stile, so if teachers do update a unit, we recommend sending everyone in the relevant section a quick email to let them know.

Naming conventions

It's completely up to the school to decide which naming convention to adopt, but we recommend using one for all master subjects.

Here are a few we've found schools adopt:

[Year of publication] [Subject area] [Year level] [Other info] [Master]

So, for example, 2017 Science Year 10 Term 1 MASTER

[Subject area] [Year level] [Other info] [Year of publication] [Master]
(e.g. Science Year 09 Chemistry 2017 MASTER)

If your library is already a little full and you want to have the master subjects at the top of the list, you can add a blank space at the beginning of the subject name, followed by 'master' - this will put any subject at the top.

For example:

_Master Science Yr 10 Physics extension

What if our library is too full?

Please reach out to Stile's Support team and we can consolidate your library. For example, we could put all your content into a consolidated archive subject, which you can then use to build out new master subjects as described above.