Get ready for the new year

Organise your Stile subjects before the new school year begins with these easy steps.

We regularly update Stile Science resources to keep them relevant and fresh.

This article covers the following:

  1. Duplicate subjects with lessons you've edited;
  2. Archive all of last year's subjects to preserve student work;
  3. Create new subjects on the homepage;
  4. Browse the library and copy one or more units.

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1. Duplicate subjects with lessons you've edited

Duplicating a subject will make an exact copy of its resources without also copying the student work. This gives the teacher a fresh copy of their custom content without needing to copy and paste each unit individually.


  • Click into the subject you want to duplicate
  • In the top right corner, click on the subject's green Options menu.
  • Select Duplicate this subject.


Rename the new subject once duplication is complete to avoid confusion.

2. Archive last year's subjects

Stile's Archive preserves completed subjects in a read-only mode. Teachers and students can both view archived subjects in which they are enrolled, and the work completed by students cannot be modified.

Archiving a subject will move it from the teachers' and students' home pages to a different and easily accessible location. This reduces clutter and confusion in the new year.



  • Click into the subject you want to archive
  • In the top right corner, click on the subject's green Options menu.
  • Select Archive this subject.

3. Create new subjects


Create new, empty subjects to start with a clean slate. Type the title of the new subject in the field provided on the home page, and then click Create subject.

4. Add resources to the subject

Click into the new subject and select Browse the lesson library to open the library menu.


The library menu has several options:

  • Stile Science resources can be found in the top two menu options for Years 7-10 and Years 5-6.
  • The Stile Community Library is a collection of lessons created by teachers, covering a large variety of topics.
  • The School Library is available to all teachers within the school. In the example above, Mr McD is a teacher at two schools - Cosmos Training and School of Rock - so he has access to both school libraries.

Select any option to browse its resources and copy them into the subject.

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