Where did the grey bar go?

We've changed the default release mode in Stile this year! 

Previously, there was a grey bar every subject - everything above the bar was released and visible to students, and everything below it wasn't:

There were two main shortcomings with this:

  1. Every class saw everything - if you had multiple classes or groups in your subject, there was no way to show a lesson/folder to one group but not the other
  2. You had to release whole folders - there was no easy way to release just one lesson in a folder.

How does the new system work?

To release a lesson, simply drag and drop the 'Students' tab below the set of Lessons that you wish to release to them (if you've changed the default class name, it will say the name you changed it to rather than students). Lessons that will be released to students will be highlighted in yellow, like in the picture below.

Released lessons are above the line and the same green colour as the Subject bar.

Screenshot 2015-10-22 10.11.05.png

This video shows you how it works in practice:

This release mode makes it much easier to work with multiple classes (each class has its own tab) and release individual lessons rather than whole folders (units).


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