Modify and customise existing lesson content

Stile makes it super easy to modify the content to fit your classroom's needs.

You can:

Add more questions

Inside of any lesson, click the "+ Add Content" tab in the sidebar on the right to bring up your content options:


The sidebar consists of a range of tiles which we call 'widgets': questions (such as written response or live poll) and stimulus material (such as video or audio).

You can simply click and drag widgets into your lesson! The Lesson Creation section of our Help Centre has lots of tips on how to use them.

Deleting widgets or whole lessons

You can delete questions or stimulus materials in two clicks: 

  1. Click on 'More' next to the question title
  2. Select 'Delete ...' from the menu


Note: Deleted questions can't be recovered! Make sure there is no student work done on the question before you remove it.

Deleting lessons

This works the same way, except that the 'More' menu sits in the top right-hand corner of each lesson:

Note: You can recover deleted lessons from the recycling bin at the bottom of each subject!

Splitting lessons into two

Sometimes, it makes sense to break lessons up into separate parts.

The quickest and easiest way to do that is to 

  1. Duplicate the lesson
  2. Delete the latter part of the original lesson
  3. Delete the first part in the duplicated lesson
  4. Rename the two lessons so that they make sense

You can duplicate lessons in the same 'More' menu as 'Delete' above!

Alternatively, you could create a new lesson and copy and paste content from the original lesson into the newly created one. See this article if you're not sure how to copy content between lessons.

Changing the wording

You can change instructions or phrasing in any text block simply by clicking 'Edit' next to the question:

This brings up the text editor and lets you adjust to your heart's content :)

Reordering questions and lessons

You can change the order of questions and lessons by clicking and dragging them into the place you want.

With questions, use the four-headed arrow to drag them up or down in the lesson


Lessons can be moved by clicking on the Lesson icon, which turns into a two-headed arrow on hover or click:

What about the rest?

Click on each one to be taken to their own dedicated article:


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