Customise your lessons

Stile makes it super easy to modify the science units to fit your classroom's needs. Watch this quick video tutorial on the basics or keep reading below.


1. Rearrange the lesson order


Lessons can be moved with a simple click-and-drag action. When you hover over the title of a lesson, its icon turns into an arrow. Click and hold on the lesson title, and then drag it up or down according to where you want it to be. You can also drag it into another folder.


Rename the lesson to keep it consistent with the rest of the unit. Click into the lesson, and then click on the lesson title to edit it.

2. Remove content you don't need



Delete a question or activity item by clicking on its More menu and then clicking Delete. Confirm the action in the warning popup. Once it's deleted, you cannot retrieve it.

3. Edit lesson content


Questions and activities can be edited in a variety of ways, depending on what kind of content widget you're working with. Click Edit above the question to see what changes you can make. In the example above, a Multiple Choice Question is edited to remove one answer option. Always click Done when your editing is complete.

4. Add your own content



Click the Add Content tab on the right side of your screen to reveal the collection of widgets available. Click and drag your choice into the lesson, and then fill it with text and content. In the example above, the Video widget is used to add the video described in the teacher's note widget (bordered with green lines) above the empty space.

What about the rest?

Click on each one to be taken to their own dedicated article:


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