Quick review

Focus on marking all student answers to one question at a time.

Quick review streamlines the marking process by allowing teachers to view students’ responses to open ended questions on a per-question basis, rather than per-lesson.

This means teachers can:

  • focus on one question at a time;
  • get a clearer feel for how the class is doing on that particular question or topic;
  • use keyboard shortcuts to quickly mark and navigate through student answers;
  • present student answers anonymously to the class;
  • compare student answers to model answers side by side.

Check out the quick video tutorial or read on to learn how it works:

Access Quick review

Get to Quick review in two ways: 


1- Navigate to your subject’s Markbook and find the lesson you want to mark. In that lesson’s column click on the Class insights icon above your class list. On the next page, the column on the right shows your Question analysis. Find the question you want to mark first and click the View responses button.

Note: This button will only appear on questions that are not automatically marked.


2- Click into any student's work from the Markbook as you normally would and find the question you want to focus on. Click View all student responses next to the question number.

Note: This button will only appear on questions that are not automatically marked.

Quick review tools


The top of the page holds the question you're reviewing. Below that you have the name of the student you’re currently marking. Click the student's name to reveal a drop-down menu that allows you to quickly navigate to specific students' answers. New submissions are listed first. You can also see who is marked absent and who hasn't answered yet.


The student’s answer is the main feature of the page. Written responses can be highlighted and annotated. Down below are the main feedback tools: A comments field for customised feedback, as well as right and wrong buttons to mark the answer.


Switch between viewing the student answer, the model answer, or compare the two by viewing them side by side on the screen at once. Learn more about Model answers here.


Student answers can also be discussed anonymously with the class. If projecting the answers on a screen, switch the Hide student names toggle to On. 

Note: Anonymous mode is not currently available in the Compare tab.

Once marking or discussion is completed, go back to Class insights and select the next question.

Keyboard shortcuts

This is the part where Quick review becomes even quicker! All of the main tools include keyboard shortcuts. Click on Keyboard shortcuts at the top of the Quick review screen, or type ? to display the list of shortcuts. Hints will also appear over the buttons the first time you use Quick review.