Run your first class with Stile Science

Welcome to Stile!

In this article, we'll show you everything you need to know to teach your first lesson. 

What is Stile?

Stile Science is a fun mix of textbook, workbook as well as videos and interactives, delivered online on Stile. 

Each unit is based on a recent scientific event to show kids the relevance of science today.

You, as the teacher, pick some lessons from our library, your students log in on their laptops or tablets and work through them, and you track their progress and provide feedback. You can even edit any aspect of the lessons to personalise them for your class if you wish.

Sounds great! What do I need to do?

You'll need to do five things to get started:

  1. Create an account or log in with an existing account
  2. Create a Subject
  3. Add lessons to your subject from the Stile Science library
  4. Release the lessons for students to see
  5. Enrol your students

Watch this quick video or read on to learn how to get started!

1. Log in at

Teachers and students always log in via

If you don't have an account yet, and your school uses Stile, then you'll need to be added first by your school's Stile account administrator. If you're not sure who that may be, or if you have a question about your account, please contact Stile's Support team.

2. Create a subject

Everything in Stile is organised into Subjects. This is where you

  • Add and edit lesson content
  • Enrol your students
  • Keep track of their progress


If you haven't created a subject yet, write your name and year level in the field provided (E.g 'Ms. Doherty's Yr 8 Science Class' or 'Year 9 Science - Mr McD' like in the picture above).

3. Pick a unit from the library


Add lessons and resources from the library. Click on "Browse the Lesson Library" and select "Years 7-10 Science Lessons" to get started.


You can filter by subject or year level and search by keyword for the unit you're after. Stile provides this unit guide to help you find the right lessons!


Each picture tile in the library represents a unit in Stile. 

Once you find a unit to teach, click on 'Add Unit' to copy it to your subject. The unit will appear in its own folder on your subject's 'Lessons' page.

A look at the unit:


Each Stile Science unit comes wrapped in its own folder or folders, labeled with a dark grey bar at the top.


The left side of the folder contains the lessons, which carry the resources and activities for your students.


The right side of the folder contains notes. The pale green box in the top of the right column is visible to students and provides a brief overview of what the unit is about.


The light grey box below it is teaching notes - these are hidden from students and can provide you extra information and model answers. Read through the Answer PDFs provided to quickly get your head around the unit. 

4. Decide which lessons to release

By default, all lessons in a folder are released when you add the unit to your subject, which means they will be visible to students. The grey line labeled 'Students' controls which lessons will be visible and which lessons will remain hidden from students.


Everything above the grey 'Students' line is visible to students, while everything below it is not. To release a lesson, click on the line's 'Students' label and drag it below the lesson you want to release.

In the example above, everything below lesson 1.6 is hidden from students, and so the lesson titles appear faded to the teacher. Everything before lesson 2.1 is released to students.

This feature can be especially useful if you don't want students looking ahead at quizzes and assessments!

5. Invite your students

Lastly, you need to invite students to your subject so they can participate. Click the 'Students' tab in your green subject header to reveal student invitation instructions. This can be done at the start of your first class period, and it only needs to be done once per subject. 


Take a look at this example. The invite code is unique to this specific class, within Mr. McD's Year 9 Science subject. When your students navigate to in their browsers and enter that unique invite code, they will be prompted to either complete their account set up or log in to an existing account.

They only need to complete this process once per subject. After their first day they will no longer need an invite code to access Mr. McD's Year 9 Science. All they will need to do is log back in at

Once students are enrolled, teachers can track their progress and leave feedback via the Markbook.

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